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Artificial nail services will provide you with strong artificial nails which are carefully and skillfully applied to ensure proper fit, alignment and a natural look.

Regular (full set)

$30 & up

Regular with Gel (full set)

$45 & up

Regular (refill)

$20 & up

Regular with Gel (refill)

$35 & up

Gel Powder (full set)

$35 & up

Gel Powder with Gel (full set)

$50 & up

Gel Powder (refill)

$25 & up 

Gel Powder with Gel (refill)

$40 & up 

Pink & White / 2 toned (full set)

$45 & up

Pink & White / 2 toned (refill)

$40 & up

Color (full set)

$40 & up

Same Color (refill) 

$30 & up

Full Set on Toes 

$40 & up
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Service Policy

We recommend you call the salon at 912-344-4344, however walk-ins are always welcome. If there is something you do not see please call for more info.